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The Gift of Yoga & Fitness

Everyone loves a gift card and we offer two kinds. Come into centre to get the regular physical gift cards or buy a digital one online in just a few quick clicks. If you want to buy a digital gift card and send your friends some "e" love to their inbox. 

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Gift Card FAQ

Where can I buy a physical card?

 Any YYoga centre.

What are digital gift cards?

They work exactly the same as a traditional physical gift card. Now, you can save time and make your own customized gift cards with a personalized message for the recipient online. No need to come into a centre, just fill out the online form. 

What can I use it for?

Anything at YYoga - passes, memberships, retail items, or food and beverage snacks. Even for your Month-to-Month Membership, you just need to have your credit card on file and have auto-pay set up on your account. 

I'm buying it for a friend who lives in BC and I live in ON, which link should I use?

Buy it on the BC site. Gift cards can only be used in the region in which they are purchased in. 

How can I send the digital gift card to my friend's inbox? 

On the first page, make sure you click "send recipient the gift card via email" and it will go directly to their inbox. You will also get a copy of it and the receipt in your inbox too. 

How does the online process work?

It is easy - just enter the recipient's name in the form and your name too. You can preview the gift card by clicking "Preview" and once it is done, hit "Make Purchase." Then, you will be taken to the checkout. Now, you can log in with your YYoga ID which is the same one you use for the dashboard. If you do not have a YYoga ID, click "Log In As Guest." After that, enter your credit card information and email to get the receipt. 

How do I redeem a digital gift card? 

Once you receive the email with your digital gift card in it, please print it off. Then, take it into any YYoga centre to use your dollars. 

If I am given a gift card, can I re-gift it to someone else?

Digital gift cards can only be redeemed by the person who is stated as the recipient. But, you can come in centre to use your dollars to purchase a physical card for another person. 

I'm a company looking to buy a few gift cards to hand out to my employees.

If your gift cards do not need names on them and you want several, contact