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Yoga For Athletes

Feb 03 2018, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Presenters: Darren Shane
Cost: $40
Location: Richmond Olympic Oval

Explore poses to support optimal balance of strength and flexibility, and bridge the gap between “yin” and “yang” to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Darren Shane has been a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Athletic Conditioning Coach and Yoga Instructor for over fifteen years.

Playing high level competitive sports, Darren understands the needs to keep strong and flexible with a consistent strength, conditioning, and yoga program.

Incorporating a variety of training modalities including Bodyweight Suspension, Agility Exercises, Cardio Conditioning, Power Lifting and Traditional Yoga movements have been at the core of Darren's training as a way of bringing Balance, Strength, Speed, Power, Flexibility, and Movement Together.  

Helping athletes compete at the highest level and the general fitness population stay healthy and strong remain Darren’s focus with his athletes, PT clients, group fitness classes and yoga classes.

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About the Teacher

Darren Shane

What can students expect from your class? My classes offer students a welcoming space, where they can be playful, explore and be challenged. Expect to breath, sweat and move in a fun Core Power practice where you will expand your possibilities....

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