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Effortless Flight

Oct 21 2017, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Presenters: Mari Dickey
Cost: $40
Location: Yaletown

Learn the art of safe and effortless arm balances and make your practice take-off!

Ignite the fire and stability within and find effortless fluidity in your arm balance practice! Through preparatory work for wrists, shoulders and core, we will help your body understand the necessary leverage and mechanics for practicing arm balances safely and effortlessly. Find the balance between 'stirra' and 'sukkah' so your arm balance practice can be strong, fluid and sustainable. Bravely open your heart and steady your mind; let yourself fly freely and fearlessly.

Suggested prerequisites: ability to lift feet in crow pose; healthy shoulders and wrists. 

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About the Teacher

Mari Dickey

What can students expect from your class? Freedom through Movement and Breath. I offer an alignment based practice that is dynamic and challenging but accessible. A space where students can go deep and tune into the intimate wisdom of the...

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