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Wake up Early – Do All the Things

December 22nd, 2017

By Erica Clark

For many years I greeted the YYoga community for their early morning class; that opening shift was my Monday to Friday and often began before 6am.

When I transitioned into my current role (hello office life!), my expectation was 9-5. Wow, no more early mornings! Alas, it only took a few weeks to notice that coming home from work and trying to go for a run or hit up a yoga class, eat dinner and make time for my personal life was making for some overzealous nights. Fitness was always the first to drop.  

I wasn’t able to do all the things anymore.

I decided to wake up early again.

We had a professor in University talk about how he was up every day at 4:30am in order to work out, be a dad, an employee and so on. At the time, he seemed out of his mind. Flash forward a few years, and I am reading articles which successful business people and great achievers are suggesting the same.

It started with running and doing exercises from home. It was nerving, and I was so afraid to show up late, but it then evolved into attending Yoga and Fitness classes at YYoga.

Before we get too far, here is a disclaimer, I am not a nutritionist, uber successful business person, yoga teacher, or athlete. I am just like all of you, a person who wants to take on all the things that sound interesting and fun or, need to happen; all while, staying healthy and strong.

The benefits of this new routine were overwhelming.

I can’t speak for everyone but I enjoy my career and going to work. What I enjoy more is me-time and doing the things I enjoy. The feeling of getting up and doing something for YOU and putting YOU first is the biggest reward. I feel completely charged up for the day and am more productive at work as a result.

There is space: on the roads, in the classes, on the running routes and, in (free!) parking spots! There is the most peaceful feeling when it’s you and those other morning people out there. I am a cyclist, but even I feel the road rage amp up around 8:30am. At 6:30am, it is calm. And Friends, there is never a worry that I won’t get into the class or get held up by a large line at the front desk.

The fringe benefit is Treats. You’ve worked out, your body is working and burning calories bright and early. I rarely regret anything I eat on a successful AM fitness day.

Getting up that early is painful.

It’s a hard sell for me to tell you that you will get used to it, but no kidding, you will. Your body will adapt and even crave it. Once you see and feel the benefits this becomes apparent. Before I completely lose you I will say, I get to the classes etc cycling, all year, except snowmageddon 2017. Most people drive or transit to their classes, y’all have it much easier!

My biggest piece of advice to make for a successful morning workout is preparing the night before and going to be early. Get your bag ready with your workout gear, work clothes, food and whatever else you need the next day. All you need to do in the morning is brush your teeth and go, maybe slam back a coffee, always go for the small snack.

Lastly remember, you can take a morning off. It’s only 2-4 times a week you’re doing this!

I’ll be at Rich Reynolds YSculpt most Monday mornings, hope to see you there!


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