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Yoga Date Night

Feb 17 2018, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Presenters: Chris Brandt
Cost: $50
Location: Downtown Flow

These playful and intimate workshops are designed just for couples and are the perfect Valentine's weekend date for you and your favourite yogi.
This isn’t Acro Yoga. The creator of Contact Yoga trained the Acro yogis. Experience the original partner yoga practice that focuses on trust, support, play, and evolution between partners. This rich, nourishing practice explores duo asana, basic flying techniques, and a chance to develop you and your partner's Thai massage skills on each other. Learn techniques to continue the practice at home. 

No prior yoga experience is necessary – here is your chance to bring your partner to possibly their first ever yoga class. 

Only one mat per couple needed.
Price is per person.

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About the Teacher

Chris Brandt

What can students expect from your class? My regular Yin "Lounge" classes are a safe and playful space where we take the focus off the pose. The yoga isn't the pose, it's what goes on in your head while you...

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