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On the Mat with Nico Luce

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Posted: Tue, May 3, 2011 9:20am by Denise

For Nico Luce, YYoga partner of Northshore Elements YYoga and Director of Yoga, awakening is a life practice, on the mat and off. It is, like the first word of the yoga sutras, Atha, always "now".

One day the world is gray and wintry, the next day we awaken, and Boom: Spring. Could this happen to us, on the yoga mat? An internal spring, an awakening? Would it feel as vivid as the tulips look, like fresh grass smells, like trumpets sound?

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Private Practice: The Benefits of One on One Yoga Instruction

Posted: Tue, May 3, 2011 8:36am by Alli


In life and in yoga, we’re always on the go. From place to place, from pose to pose, each day the flow is constant, only slowing down when we allow it to. And similar to life, where the pace is rapid, often times in our yoga practice, poses are gone before we know it, leaving us wanting more…just one more try. Everyone can benefit from yoga, no matter what you bring to the mat, but how do you know when you should seek private instruction? 

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Yoga Teacher Training: Getting in the Flow

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Posted: Mon, May 2, 2011 4:18pm by Erica

Some 13 years ago, word on the street was that Vinyasa Yoga (aka Flow Yoga) was the “IT” thing to help people access inner wisdom and find true happiness. While I became suspicious (and still am!) of yoga teachers who would make abstract analogies of how Hanuman, the monkey God, was going to save the day, I was open to the possibility that if my breath and body moved as “one” then just maybe my life would align and get into the flow as well. And so I jumped into the flow of Vinyasa Yoga.

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Accessing the Power in your Core (yes, YOUR core)

Posted: Mon, May 2, 2011 2:04pm by Julie Peters

Ball on ground
"Working your core is not about clenching anything, or getting that mythical six-pack. Your core is you. Like the core of an apple, the core of an idea, the core of the sun, this place is hot, and it is the centre of who you are." - Julie

Have you ever found yourself in a yoga class, peacefully flowing through your warriors and classic stretches, and then the second you sit down into boat pose, do a few crunches, or have to hold plank pose for a while, noticed that you are suddenly shaking like a leaf?

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